Praise For Dr. Katie and Life Starts Here Chiropractic!

Dr Katie’s passion for Chiropractic shines through in every adjustment she delivers!

Tracey A.

Dr. Gay is an incredible chiropractor whose warmth and passion for her work shine through in every interaction. The people of Kittery couldn’t be in better hands!

Sean C.

The most passionate, caring and skilled doctor I’ve ever met. I Highly recommend her chiropractic services for you and your family. You will be pleased! A++ business

Brian D.

My 3 month old baby’s acid reflux was so bad the wanted to put her on prilosec. After her first adjustment it improved!!! Now our entire family gets adjusted! Thank you!!!

McKenzie - 3 months old

A football concussion made me dizzy & not right.  My grades went down, I was tired & crabby.  My doctor said I was fine.  1 week after getting adjusted I got my LIFE BACK!!!

Jake - 14 Years Old

I used to get headaches twice a day. In the first month of my chiropractic care I only got 2 ever!!!

Michelle - 22 Years Old